From Illness to Wellness

One’s state of health exists on a continuum

This means that human beings fluctuate between states of high function, absence of disease and psychological wellness, to states of illness and discomfort.

As you know, illness may come in many forms: from bacteria, viruses and toxins, to cancer, immune problems and poor behavioral choices.shutterstock_292512029

Wellness also arrives in many ways, from diet, exercise, rest, managing one’s emotional and psychological needs, to medical interventions from drugs to surgery.


Some illnesses come from the environment, some are caused by genetics and others are caused by individual decisions.

Many people can control their point on the illness to wellness spectrum by making certain decisions. These decisions center around:

Lifestyle Choices
Alternative Healing

Please note that this list does not include everything. You can add anything to this list that supports your wellness journey.

SeeTheNP provides research based information about the factors that affect illness and wellness. This information is provided in an easy to understand and friendly format, and relevant research articles are cited so the sources can be personally verified.

We believe that information and taking charge (autonomy) over one’s own health is very important. Understanding the source of information that guides care providers, such as Nurse Practitioners, helps patients understand their health care plan, and guide that plan according to personal preference.

Each person is the leader in his/her own spectrum of health. Nurse practitioners, physicians, therapists, counselors, scientists and specialists are a resource for patients to use on their journey through the illness and wellness experience.


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