Love Really is the Answer: How Childhood Shapes You

Long term studies provide excellent data on how certain behaviors or interventions affect life-long wellness.

A study led by the University College London (UCL) has been tracking over 5,000 participants since March of 1946. The purpose of the study is to understand how parental bonding, caring behaviors and psychological control affect a child’s long term happiness.

shutterstock_190452671According to lead researcher Dr. Stafford, “We found that people whose parents showed warmth and responsiveness had higher life satisfaction and better mental wellbeing throughout early, middle and late adulthood.”

Children whose parents fostered independence, and also provided them with a secure emotional attachment grew up to have stronger emotional attachments in adulthood.

The study results emphasize the importance of families having time together: “Promoting a healthy work-life balance is important as parents need time to nurture relationships with their children.”

The study will be published tomorrow:

Parent-child relationships and offspring’s positive mental wellbeing from adolescence to early older age, M. Stafford et al., The Journal of Positive Psychology , published online 5 September 2015.

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